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Types of Step Bars

A lot of the pickups you will find new or used do not come standard with steps, nerf bars, running boards, or other means to get in and out of your pickup easily. Never fear, for there are a lot of different styles and types of nerf bars to choose from, which allow for optimal truck customization.

LINE-X of Macon offers the best nerf bars and steps, as well as other truck accessories, so you can get in and out of your truck easily. From all chrome to completely black, you can match your style to your truck. Below, we'll go over the different types of nerf bars you can choose from. Stop by our family-owned and operated truck accessory store for your next LINE-X bedliner or floor liners today!


Nerf Bars

There are typically four types of nerf bars: cab-length nerf bars, wheel-to-wheel nerf bars, oval nerf bars, and sport tube nerf bars. The name "nerf" is a racing term used when a race car driver bumps another car in order to pass them. To make this move easier, race cars have tubes on each side of their car, which help ensure that their tires don't rub each other. If they did, since the cars are going so fast, they could spin out of control. The look and style of this has been adopted by trucks and SUVs. It's a very popular option that makes your truck look cool. Call LINE-X of Macon to learn about all of the styles of nerf bars we carry.

Running Boards

Running boards look like boards. Odds are, if your truck came with any type of step, it was a running board as they are the more standard version of steps. They are flat and typically run all the way along the truck or SUV's cabin beneath the doors. There is typically no space left between the vehicle and these steps. They tend to be bigger than nerf bars and thus a bit safer.


Another style you'll see of steps is just individual footholds by the driver's and passenger's door or for the back seat as well if the truck or SUV has four doors. These tend to be just big enough to place your foot to get a leg up into your vehicle. They are open by nature, so they can get dirty in inclement weather. Since there is the least amount of material involved, steps are the most affordable option for most people.


As you can see, there are many different styles and types of steps for trucks and SUVs with different features and looks to suit your tastes. You can choose the perfect look to complement the look of your truck, match the wheels, and more. No matter which style you choose, having steps to get in and out of your pickup or SUV can make all the difference for convenience, comfort, and safety. Give our truck accessory store a call today for all types of steps, LINE-X bedliners, protective coatings, and so much more!

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