Why Should You Have Line-X All Weather Rubber Mats In Your Vehicle?

Picture this: It’s a long day on the job site. You’re tired, your work boots are caked in mud, and it’s either raining cats and dogs or snowing sideways. Without thinking, you put your feet down on your car floor mat, and suddenly you’ve got another job to take care of — cleaning your floor mats.

With LINE-X All Weather Rubber Mats from LINE-X Monaco, you wouldn’t have to worry about this! They’re built to handle the mud, slush, dirt and grit that comes with owning a truck. Plus, they look good doing it. Here’s why a new rubber floor mat should be one of your next truck interior accessories.

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Channel Pattern for a Rugged Look

LINE-X All Weather Rubber Mats are made to complement your rugged and active lifestyle because we cut and sculpt them specifically for your truck or vehicle. Their unique look and liquid-guiding channel patterns give you everything you want from your truck interior accessories — form and functionality.

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High Perimeter Wall to Contain Spills

The high perimeter wall of LINE-X’s All Weather Rubber Mats ensures any liquids are safely contained on the mat’s waterproof floor, so the interior of your vehicle remains as clean as the day it rolled off the lot.

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Durable, Rubberized Plastic

Rubberized plastic is the perfect material for our LINE-X mats. It will maintain that new floor mat gloss for years after you first install it. That’s because rubberized plastic is resistant to degradation and deformation, even in extreme temperatures and conditions.

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Lifetime, End-to-End Warranty

LINE-X’s All Weather Rubber Mats are proudly made in the United States, and we back our product with a lifetime, end-to-end warranty. Stomp or spill on our mats — we’ve got you covered, literally.

Treat yourself and your truck to a bit of durability, a bit of functionality, and a whole lot of style, with LINE-X’s All Weather Rubber Mats.

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