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Why You Need a Bedliner For When You Go Hunting

There are many wonderful things about the fall season: pumpkins, cooler weather, the leaves changing color, and Halloween. However, for many, the best thing about fall is hunting. Hunting is a pastime enjoyed by millions of Amercians. Not only is the meat from wild game the best you can eat in terms of nutritional value and fat content, but hunting is also important to keep the population of game animals, such as deer and elk, in check since their natural predators have been severely curtailed due to the presence of humanity over the centuries.

To go hunting, you need a lot of accoutrements, from a bow or rifle to the appropriate clothing. Hunting is like camping but with a mission: to fill the freezer. That being said, if you are lucky enough to land some game, you need a way to haul it to the butcher. That's where LINE-X of Macon comes in. We offer the best truck accessories for all of your hunting needs. From truck bedliners to coolers, we've got you covered. Below, we'll explore why you need a truck bedliner for hunting. Contact our truck accessory store to get started today!


To Stay Clean

If you've ever been hunting, you know that as soon as you shoot an animal, you have to gut it so the meat doesn't go bad. And pulling out an animal's guts isn't exactly fun or clean. Once you get the guts out, you then have to haul your animal to your pickup or ATV, hoist it up, and transport it back to camp. While you are doing so, blood is dripping everywhere. Trust us when we say that having a truck bedliner from LINE-X of Macon can make all the difference in the effort you have to put into cleanup. Simply rinse off your bedliner after you drop your animal off at the butcher, and you're good to go. Suffice it so say without a truck bedliner, you will have much more scrubbing to do afterward.

To Prevent Slippage

One of the best benefits of a spray-on truck bedliner from LINE-X of Macon is the fact that it adds a non-slip surface to the bed of your pickup. This is incredibly useful while hunting. The stuff in the back of your pickup won't roll around while you are out looking for animals, so you won't accidentally scare them away if you roll over a big bump. Your gear won't roll around either, so when you need your rifle or lunch, it's easy to grab. Most importantly, when you are climbing around in the back of your pickup with blood, you won't slip either as you man-handle your animal into the back.

To Prevent Damage

When hunting, you can have a lot of items stowed in the back of your pickup truck, and if someone yells, "Deer!", all caution is thrown to the wind and anything can happen. Gear goes flying, stuff gets hucked in the back of your pickup, and next thing you know, dents and scratches have appeared out of nowhere, possibly ruining your new pickup truck. With a LINE-X spray-on truck bedliner, you won't have to worry about your hunting buddies throwing their stuff all willy-nilly in the back when it's go time! In addition, a deer's antlers can make quite the scratch marks, especially if you are hauling your animal out of the woods on a rough four-wheel drive trail.


LINE-X is known for being the best truck bed liner spray in the industry. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our bedliners because we know that they work. In addition, we offer a full line of our Truck Gear coolers. Not only are these great for packing your drinks and lunch while out on the trail, but they are also good for storing your deer meat should you decide to quarter your animal or process the meat yourself.

While hunting, you have enough to worry about when chasing down game. Bring your pickup truck to LINE-X of Macon for a new truck bedliner, so you can fill the freezer. Call for an appointment today!

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