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Winter Preparation Tips for Your Truck

Winter is here in Macon, and while the average day time temperature remains mild, the night time temperatures dip to near freezing. It's a good idea to prepare your truck for when the winter chill arrives.

LINE-X of Macon offers the best truck bedliners and accessories for your truck. From floor liners to nerf bars, our truck accessory store has got your needs covered. We have years of experience of offering our customers unparalleled customer service and performance with our truck accessories. Below, we'll offer up some helpful tips for you to prepare your truck for winter. Call us today!


Install a Truck Spray-in Bedliner

The absolute best way to protect your truck's bed is with a spray-on truck bedliner. LINE-X makes the industry's best bedliner. LINE-X bedliners offer a lifetime warranty, resists harsh chemicals, helps to prevent rust and corrosion, and is easy to clean. It does not crack or flake, and it resists fading from the sun's powerful UV rays. This polyurea technology offers strength, flexibility, and durability that is unmatched by our competitors. Call LINE-X of Macon to learn more today.

Consider a Bed Cover

While a bedliner protects the bed of your pickup from the elements, it does not protect the items that you are hauling in your truck bed. Thus, you may want to consider a truck cover, such as a Tonneau cover, this winter. We offer all different types of truck bed covers to suit your needs, from a soft folding bed cover to a rolling bed cover or a hard-sided hinged bed cover. We also offer truck caps if you want more storage space that is protected. These are great to keep the rain and sleet at bay, as well as mud from the roads.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

You should always have an emergency kit in your vehicle; however, it's super important when the winter comes. If you become stranded, you will need items in your emergency kit to help you until help can arrive. We recommend that you invest in a shovel, radio, flares, a flashlight, first aid kit, gloves, hats, extra blankets, canned food, and bottled water. While the odds of you actually needing all of these items are pretty slim with the advent of cell phones, you can truly never be too prepared for the worst.


Macon, Georgia, is blessed with mild winters. That being said, we do see our fair share of sleet and icy roads, and being prepared for the winter can make all the difference in your winter driving experience. We offer LINE-X spray-on bedliners in order to prevent your truck bed from rusting and protect it from dings and scratches from any items you are hauling. We offer a wide array of truck bed covers, including truck caps, to protect your goods, such as groceries, pets, and more, when the temperatures drop. The last thing you want is road slush all over your food. In addition, we recommend you prepare an emergency kit in case you are stranded.

LINE-X of Macon has been serving our community for years. We take pride in offering you the best truck accessories for your needs. We want you to enjoy the time you spend in your truck, which, if you commute, can be a lot. From having floor liners to protect against the slush of the winter roads to having seat covers to keep your seats looking nice, we've got your winter driving needs covered. Reach out to a team member to get started today!

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