Welcome to LINE-X of Macon!

Welcome to LINE-X of Macon! Line-X of Macon offers the best truck accessories, truck customizations, truck parts, and, of course, LINE-X spray-on bedliners. Our team has years of experience helping you make your truck just how you like it. From grille guards and step bars to floor liners, seat covers, and more, we've got your needs covered. Our mission is to not only make your truck functional when you need it the most, but also to make it look good and be comfortable. Below, we'll go over a few of our amazing truck product offerings. Stop by our truck shop in Macon today!


LINE-X Bedliner Sprays

When looking for truck customization products, you'll want to start with the obvious: a truck bedliner spray. As most of you know, LINE-X is the best, most durable, and the toughest spray-on bedliner in the industry. In fact, we offer a lifetime warranty on these truck bedliners because we believe in them so much. The benefits of a truck bedliner will far outweigh the initial cost. They protect the bed of your pickup from scratches, dents, and dings. They save you gas money by cutting down on drag. They protect your truck from rust, and they provide a non-slip surface while transporting items. You truly can't go wrong with a spray-on bedliner (except if you choose a different brand!). Call us today to learn more!

Interior Truck Accessories

LINE-X of Macon offers some of the best interior truck accessories, such as seat liners and floor covers. Let's face it, if you have a new vehicle, you want it to stay new for as long as possible. By investing in floor liners, you can track in rain, mud, salt, and sand and your truck will still look new. These are easy to clean and vacuum, saving your trucks' floors from permanent stains.

Seat liners are great truck accessories because they keep your seats protected. If you have kids, you know how messy they can be. In fact, they can permanently stain your car's seats, which you may be driving for years after they are gone. And if you're a pet owner, these seat covers will save your seats from pet hair and mud as well. Shop our seat liners in Macon today!

Exterior Truck Accessories

LINE-X of Macon offers a full array of truck bed covers, including snap/snapless, soft folding, soft rolling, and hard-sided. There are dozens of options for your truck bed cover to fit your needs. Sometimes you need a folding truck bed cover to roll back for when you are hauling, or you want a nice hard-sided one to offer more cargo space and more protection. We offer truck caps as well.

Step bars are essential for getting in and out of your truck safely, especially in inclement weather or when you have a lift kit. We offer many different styles, such as step bars, running boards, electric running boards, drop step running boards, and more. We also offer bumper steps and truck bed steps, as well as sliders with steps. Visit our Macon truck accessory store to find the right ones for you.


LINE-X of Macon loves helping our customers have the vehicles they want and need. Our LINE-X spray-on bedliners will help protect your truck from the tools you throw in the back and keep your groceries from moving about. Our interior truck accessories will keep your truck nice and new, and our exterior truck accessories will aid in the work you do on a daily basis. Contact us today!

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